Book Launch Program गोरखाली साहस – लक्ष्मण बाबू श्रेष्ठ | Gorkhali Grit – Laxman Babu Shrestha

The book “गोरखाली साहस – लक्ष्मण बाबू श्रेष्ठ” (Gorkhali Grit – Laxman Babu Shrestha), chronicling the life of the late Laxman Babu Shrestha, the founder of the group and a pioneer of the cable car industry in Nepal, was officially unveiled on May 10th.
The unveiling ceremony was graced by his mentor and teacher, Shri Bishwo Bandhu Thapa, who conducted the formal release of the book. This publication details Shrestha’s childhood, academic journey, and professional achievements and promises to be an inspiring account of Shrestha’s legacy and contributions.
The book is available for purchase now at: Nepalma Cablecarka Srasta Laxman Babu Shrestha