About Manakamana Cable Car

Founded by the late Laxman Babu Shrestha, the Chitawon Co-E Group is a pioneering company in the tourism and service industry. As part of its ventures, they established Mankamana Darshan (P) Ltd. The company has brought about a significant transformation in the mode of transportation to the revered Manakamana Temple, a prominent Hindu pilgrimage site located atop a hill in Gorkha.

The Manakamana Cable Car by Chitawon Co-E Group has revolutionized travel to the temple, making it easily accessible to the general public. Previously, reaching the hilltop temple was challenging, but now people can conveniently travel from Cheres, Icchakamana Rural Municipality in Chitwan. This benefits pilgrims and visitors, providing greater ease and convenience to experience the temple’s spiritual significance.

On November 24, 1998, the first-ever commercial cable car service in Nepal was launched, revolutionizing transportation in the region. The installation of this advanced system was entrusted to the renowned Doppelmayr Group, celebrated for their exceptional efficiency and performance in ropeway technology. Benefiting from this high-caliber infrastructure, Manakamana Darshan has been serving over a million pilgrims annually, offering them a remarkable travel experience.

In addition to providing regular rides to pilgrims, Manakamana Darshan has also demonstrated its commitment to social responsibility. Following the devastating 2015 earthquake, the company selflessly volunteered its services to transport essential goods to the affected Manakamana village. Through the Laxman Babu Memorial Trust, we facilitated the transportation of vital supplies such as dry food, drinking water, tarpaulin, rice, and medicine. This support played a crucial role in aiding the village’s recovery and rebuilding efforts during that challenging time.

Moreover, we believe in actively contributing to the development of our local communities. To this end, we allocate 2% of our cable car ticket sales towards two entities: the Manakamana Gaun Palika (1%) and Darechock Gaun Palika (1%). These funds are effectively utilized to implement various local development programs that bring positive change to the areas we serve. Furthermore, we are engaged in a range of other corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities, which are comprehensively detailed in the dedicated CSR section of our organization.